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In this page you will find comments of some of Sir's customer's. Each day we hear tens of customers happily leaving our erotic massage parlour venue. We strive to provide the best possible relaxation by stunning international ladies in our premises.

Here unlike other web sites you will not find any owner's, manager's or friends' comments pretending to be real customer. What you will read is 100 % real.

We are always looking forward to hosting you and give you the best erotic massage experience Sydney can offer!


Unless customers specify otherwise we remove all customers names...


Just one quick response from the managers at Sirs. Recently we came across 2 reviews of Sirs in Google. These reviews were suspiciously posted one after another shortly and each claiming Sirs to have very old premises, and one claiming girls looked tired.

 Managers response is as follows. 

Unlike many other places where girls may work upto 16 hours our girls usually have 8 hour shifts longest being few 10 hour shifts. In addition our girls usually make 3 shifts a week. Not 5 to 7 where it is common in our competition. So our girls look fresh and energetic not tired. Where so called customers are claiming premises are old is incorrect for following reasons. All carpet in premises has been changed 18 months ago, place has been painted throughout during Christmas 15. The solid mahogany storage cupboards in each room are only a few months old and custom made for Sirs (August 16). The previous ones which they replaced were only one year old but were not good due to high moisture (unlike most other massage parlours we have private showers in each room). The luxurious top of the line full leather sofas in the waiting rooms are just more than one year old. All the lamps vases, flowers etc were replaced roughly 13 months ago. We use the most expensive and exclusive perfumes and diffusers in our rooms and corridors to enhance the girls' and customers' senses. We will keep on replacing and changing things to keep the place on top of others! 


14 February 2018 at 09:28:52 AEDT

 Just like to say that my time with Serena yesterday was sensational.
I'll be back to see her.

18 October 2017 at 01:35:17 AEDT

Dropped into Sirs last night looking for a bit more than massage. I decided to with Monica although extras were not provided.

From the moment I got into room she got me horny and excited.

Will not rule out seeing her again to see if I can tempt her to get a little more raunchier.

Eagle X


31Jan 2017

Just wanted to say that I saw Mandy on Friday for 1 hour and she gave me a wonderful massage and is a lovely girl, thanks very much Mandy!!!
It was great to meet you
Tim - Sunshine Coast 


 02 Jan 2016

 Very good service, very satisfied and nice premises. Will be back when I am back in Sydney.

Saw Megane last night! She was tall, hot, sexy and sensuous. Simply amazing experience. A friend referred Sirs to me and it was definitely worth a visit!

 My second visit to Sirs tonight to see the beautiful Camila. A very enjoyable time. Looking forward to seeing her again when she gets back from holidays


SONJA!! 11/10! she is the official Persian Princess! Euro/ Persian is new to Sirs, I would never thought in a million years i would take the time to go out of my way to write a review about any women as i found that the women in most of these places are average. I seen all the women at Sirs and i would vote Sonja to be the best in Sirs Massage by a mile! Her Body was the hottest body , personality and intelligence also plus she had skills in knowing exactly how to please me without no words or asking . She knew what to give at the right time . I couldn't take my eyes of her … This was no ordinary service , i call it a once in a life time Experience with this woman ..Will be back to see her ! -- JC


Very good service, very satisfied and nice premises. Will be back when I am back in Sydney.

Hi ,

Kindly pass this message to Sonya.

Hi Sonya,

Thank you for the wonderful massage session yesterday and being very accommodative of my requests. You look stunning and sexy and I am going to come back to Sir's only if you are there. 

Yesterday timing : 11 pm and 12 am

 By the way please pass on to Chanelle my sincerest regards she was utterly mind blowing. I've never experienced sensuality like that in my life. What she did and how she did it just opened my eyes to what women can really do. She was funny gorgeous and sexy as hell. Had me on the edge the entire time. 

When I come back I'm booking her!

I would just like  to say that Mia is such a beautiful  and sweet woman, I'm in love, thank you so much for
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